from italy to tito

If you take your pizza and pasta more seriously than most, Tito is the place for you.

Freshly made egg pasta, from casarecce, tagliolini to tagliatelle. All done perfectly al dente and served with rich, flavourful sauces. Antipasti made for sharing, enticing selection of cocktails and an impressive all-italian wine list. Naples or Rome have never felt so close!

Tito is all about indulging in traditional dishes, created with our own spin and always with fresh ingredients.

pizza with a twist

Traditionally prepared, the crust is light and easy to digest, and the innovative toppings are a scrumptious combination of seasonal vegetables and well sourced cured meat.

Made from a special 72h fermented blend of wheat flour, rice flour and soy flour, our pizzettes have a light, airy structure and are crispy on the outside. With 80% water, 33% less carbs, 85% less fats, the dough is much healthier than the traditional pizza flour blend.

Dietary requirements?

No matter your food preference, we’ve got you covered!

Gluten free foodie? Fear not, our freshly cut zucchini pasta will most definitely satisfy your appetite. Ditto for vegans. Vegetarian? Half of our selection is made for you!

Just let our staff know about your dietary requirements and we’ll make sure to serve your food the way you like it.

We deliver to your home

We come to you in pizzaioli style. All our plump pizzettes are available for delivery on UberEats, alternatively just order on our website to pick up your hot box directly from the restaurant.

What we're about

Tito started with the dream of uniting family and friends around dishes that everyone loves, all in a cosy, warm atmosphere. Add some incredible wines right from Tuscany and Puglia, red brick walls, an open kitchen and vintage posters and mamma mia, Tito was born!

We are all about delivering an authentic flavour of the Italian peninsula with our own revisited recipes. This means sourcing the best ingredients to ensure our dishes are fresh, qualitative and tasty. We constantly work on our menu to bring new and exciting recipes and keep our signature Italian comfort foods. Stick to the classics or be adventurous: the choice is yours. Word of advice: keep some space for our delectable tiramisu classico. You won’t regret it.

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