From asia to SUMSUM

We take a lot of pride in making our own dim sums and dips.

We're not only about dumplings!
SumSum serves a funky selection of Asian cuisines in the trendy South of Antwerp.

Experience SUMSUM

Start with some steamed Chinese dim sums, before hopping to Japan
for a mouthwatering noodle bowl
with a final stop in Korea
for some bibimbap.

Dietary Requirements?

No matter your food preference, we've got you covered!

Just let our staff know about your dietary requirements and we'll make sure we serve your food the way you like it.

Bring Asia to your home

Bring SumSum into the comfort of your home!
Find us on Uber Eats and enjoy.

What we're about

We hope that, like us, you will fall in love with the ultimate Asian comfort food: dim sum, bao, and noodle bowls.

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