from italy to tito

There’s a new Italian kid in town!
And he’s very serious about his pasta.
He breaks real eggs to make his pasta, uses real tomatoes to make his sauce & cooks his pasta al dente. No tricks.

pasta and happiness!

At Tito Fresh Pasta
we have a very simple philosophy:
Pasta and Happiness!

Dietary requirements?

At Tito we want everyone to unite around the table, whatever your dietary requirements.
Did you know you could replace our fresh wheat pasta with freshly cut zucchini pasta in any dish?

Bring Italy to your home

Bring Italy into the comfort of your home!
Find us on uber eats and enjoy quality pasta prepared with love.

What we're about

We dream of uniting family and friends around the dish that the world loves the most, all within a cosy, homey atmosphere.

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