from Kyoto to fugu sushi bar

Imagine sushi then imagine it freshly hand rolled, out-of-the-box and phenomenally delicious. That’s the kind we make at Fugu.

the fugu experience

Our sushi restaurant is where sushi, funky toppings and sake are at the center of the experience. We have a wide assortment of sushi where meat, fish and veggie lovers will all find enough to satisfy their palate. At FUGU you will find out-of-the box sushi with funky toppings.

Dietary Requirements

Did you know we can make most of our signature rolls vegan-friendly? We, for example, replace salmon by sweet potato, use eggless mayo and make our own tapioca caviar. We also are able to turn most of our sushi into pregnancy safe sushi. Don't hesitate to ask our staff!

Bring Tokyo to your home!

Impress your guests with Fugu’s original sushi at your dinner party or enjoy it while binge-watching Netflix. Order your favorite rolls and sides on Uber Eats for delivery or on our website for take away.

What we're about

We hope that like us you will fall in love with the funky way we make our sushi. We love to make unique sauces and think of out-of-the box toppings to surprise your palette.

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