About us

A burst of imagination

We started because of ideas. We are a band of entrepreneurs that do something under one umbrella and it’s our culture of caring that bonds us. Caring about the food, the service, our people and our guests.

Our diverse portfolio of restaurants and catering services provides something for everyone and we love the variety that comes from working with all of them.


YUMYUM is looking for great franchise partners to join its expansion. Are you up to joining our unique family? Let us tell you a bit about ourselves, our brand, and the search for our kind of partners.


YUMYUM is looking for great partners to join its expansion. Since the initial opening of it’s first SUM SUM in Antwerp in 2017, YUMYUM has grown to over 5 locations and 11 catering services in Belgium, offering fresh casual cuisine from around the world, a climate of openness and the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life.


The menu offering of YUMYUM’s restaurants revolves around the simple yet amazingly delicious reinvented classics of the different cuisines we offer such as sushi, dim sums, tacos, Lebanese mezze’s which have a tremendous popularity.


The entire atmosphere of our restaurants conveys an air of freshness, originality, and character true to their source material. Our dishes entice a culture of sharing; and, perhaps most importantly, a team of outgoing and helpful waiters prepares the meals in direct interaction with the guests, making them feel welcome and comfortable, just like when cooking with friends.


Can you envision this being YOUR place?

We provide

A proven and successful “fresh casual dining” concept

A recognized up-and-coming brand

A unique corporate identity with growing recognition

Outstanding product quality and value

Long-term growth perspective

Professional support in location scouting and evaluation

A modern and stylish design by our amazing designers and architects

Professional support in construction, recruitment and training, marketing and all areas necessary for a sound entrepreneurial structure

A dedicated marketing strategy

Continuous system improvements

A trustworthy and helpful franchisor committed to transparency and partnership

We will work closely with you to assess the potential of your chosen market, and we will then sign a development agreement that outlines the scope and timeline for expansion in your region. Our multifunctional team will then assist and support you throughout the entire process from the signature to the opening.

Rather than looking for pure investment partners, YUMYUM places great importance on building partnerships strengthened by the expertise and special knowledge of both franchisor and franchisee:

YUMYUM brings successful, proven growth concepts, which promise great chances for success when implemented systematically;

The franchisee brings his entrepreneurial skills, his knowledge of the local business and cultural climate, his personal network and contacts, and last but not least his personality, all of which are essential to ensuring success of the franchise in his territory.

This leads to the following personal characteristics that YUMYUM looks for in a franchisee:

Strong identification with one of our concepts

Visionary and entrepreneurial thinking

Pronounced self-confidence

Positive leadership and motivational skills

Team-oriented attitude

A hands-on approach and the ability to quickly acquire new knowledge

The willingness and ability to work as an entrepreneur and at the same time to be part of a larger system

A sound background in business development

In addition, a YUMYUM partner must be up to the demands for financial performance required by the investment of equity and debt capital in establishing a YUMYUM franchise.

YUMYUM charges a monthly flexible franchise fee depending on the turnover. The franchisee is also required to cover a one-time development fee for each restaurant. This fee covers YUMYUM’s active participation in setting up the new location, including location selection, coordination of construction and renovations, staff training, advertising etc.

Do you see yourself as a host of your restaurant, creating this fantastic atmosphere, being on center stage in the middle of it and welcoming your guests as you would welcome your friends? Then it is you we are looking for, and together we can make it happen.